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The Laboratory of Plastics and Rubber Technology organized several conferences so far, all of them with success. We intend to provide a combination of friendly atmosphere, hospitality and professionalism resulting in smooth organization. High scientific standards are maintained through a thorough selection process of papers presented at our conferences, thus all the participants can benefit from attending the events. As we believe that longstanding relationships and true friendships are born under the right circumstances, we organize also the social programs with special care.

BiPoCo 2014

The opinion of the participants in BiPoCo 2014 was asked in an anonymous questionnaire completed by 120 participants. The results of the survey were very positive and indicated that all attendants appreciated the event very much in every aspect. More than 92 % of the respondents would attend to BiPoCo 2016, in case it is organized.


Conferences organized by the Laboratory of Plastics and Rubber Technology

  • BiPoCo 2014, International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites, August 24-28, 2014, Visegrád, Hungary (
  • AMSALS, International Symposium on Smart, Nanostructured Systems for Controlled Molecular Release and Biological Interfaces, June 3-6, 2012, Siófok, Hungary
  • BiPoCo 2012, International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites, May 27-31, 2012, Siófok, Hungary (
  • Eurofillers 2007, Functional Fillers for Advanced Applications, August 26-30, 2007, Zalakaros, Hungary
  • IIMM, Interfaces and Interphases in Multicomponent Materials, October 5-8, 2003, Balatonfüred, Hungary
  • Morphology and Properties of Crystalline Polymers, an EPF Conference, September 2-5, 2001, Eger, Hungary
  • IPCM, Interfacial Phenomena in Composite Materials, September 1-3, 1997, Eger, Hungary


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